Webs4Kids is a search engine to help children search the web.

We search only Child Friendly Sites !

This is different from other "child friendly" and "kid safe" search engines which search the whole web and then try to filter out bad bits. We don't need filters as our database contains only child-friendly sites.

Who decides if a site is appropriate ?

You do. And we do. You can suggest a site to be included. We will monitor your suggestions to help improve our database.

What problem are we solving ?

Children using search engines designed for adults will see adult results. "Safe Search" engines filter content using software to block adult material. An assumption made by many is that anything non-adult is then OK for all kids. But clearly what is suitable for a 14 year old is different to that for a 5 year old. As a result, "Safe Search" engines include results that are highly inappropriate for young children.

What age children ?

We aim to support children up to age 10.

How big is our database ?

Small but growing. Although being small is part of the point. We are not trying to be a "Big Web" search engine. We are only interested in that part of the web which is suitable for our audience.

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