Privacy Policy

We believe users have the right to privacy but reserve the right to notify authorities of any data we may have for those who abuse the service.


We do not ask for any personal information from users.


We may use a temporary cookie to enhance user experience on this site. The cookie will expire when the browsing session ends and is not used to track users for marketing. We use Google services which use cookies subject to their own privacy policy (see

IP Address

Your IP address is logged as part of the infrastructure that provides this service. It is also passed to Google to provide part of the Service.


We currently include adverts served by Google's AdSense program, as they are integrated into the search engine results by default.


We have informed Google our site is for children and Google's policy is to disable interest-based advertising and remarketing ads for such sites. This is part of Google's policy to comply with COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act) and means any adverts served are not based on profiles which have been generated over time. (see


We use Google Analytics to help us analyze traffic such as measuring how many visitors we get to the site. (see

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